Canadian constitutional law

Droit constitutionnel 2 (DRT1502)

This course is the continuation of “Droit constitutionnel 1 (DRT1501)”. After a brief overview of the procedural issues that arise in the constitutional context, the course explores in greater detail the two main themes in Canadian constitutional law: federalism and civil liberties. The study of these themes is conducted mainly through the reading and discussion […] Read more

Droit constitutionnel 1 (DRT1501)

This course is a general introduction to the fundamental principles of Canadian constitutional law (with the exception of federalism which will be studied in the course “Droit constitutionnel 2 (DRT 1502)”). From a legal standpoint, these principles are mainly inherited from the English constitutional system, and remain influenced by US constitutional law. In this course, […] Read more


Droit constitutionnel canadien : principes fondamentaux

Abstract In 1982, Professors François Chevrette and Herbert Marx published a pioneering work: Droit constitutionnel: notes et jurisprudence (P.U.M.) 1264 pages, a monumental resource allying pedagogy with doctrinal reference. Thirty-four years later, a new edition of the first part of the celebrated work has finally been published, covering the fundamental principles of Canadian constitutional law (except the […] Read more


Développements récents en droit constitutionnel durant l’année 2005-2006: les arrêts Multani, 2952-1366 Québec Inc. et Imperial Tobacco

Abstract This essay examines the recent developments in Canadian constitutional law during the 2005-2006 term. Although more than a dozen Supreme Court cases during that period dealt with division of powers and Charter issues, only a few can be considered as new developments. They cover four issues: (i) the requirement under s. 1 of the […] Read more