Droit constitutionnel: principes fondamentaux – notes et jurisprudence

In 1982, Professors François Chevrette and Herbert Marx pioneered the publication of Droit constitutionnel : notes et jurisprudence (P.U.M.), a monumental work that combined its pedagogical function with that of a doctrinal reference. Thirty-four years later, a new edition of the first part of the famous work has been published, devoted to the fundamental principles of Canadian constitutional law (apart from the federal principle), namely: the rule of law, parliamentary sovereignty, the separation of powers, judicial review of constitutionality and the protection of rights and freedoms.

While continuing the work of Professors Chevrette and Marx, this volume is the result of a complete revision of the 1982 edition which includes the addition of a series of new research notes as well as the most important decisions concerning each of the five fundamental principles rendered since the adoption of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Table of contents

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